Collaborations and News Apps

I was the first Director of Computer-Assisted Reporting hired at the Investigative Reporting Workshop, an investigative startup at American University where I had both editorial and technical responsibilities. I maintained Banktracker, and sites for the Workshop and a partnership with Barlett and Steele. I worked on complex editorial investigations, typically with another newsroom as partner, and a flock of interns and fellows.

Broadband speed, redder is faster; screenshot of a 2012 map flash map I built, the original was animated over several years.

A project I did with John Dunbar used a novel approach to estimating broadband subscribership rates based on incomplete and unhelpful government data by reaggregating to the metropolitan level. I ran Monte Carlo simulations to estimate the uncertainty of our estimates. We also built embeds that allowed other Investigative News Network members to use our map plugin, which showed results for both counties and census tracts, and a half dozen did. The census map tract map somehow broke (a much earlier version of), and I ended up writing my own shape simplification scripts to prevent any "cracking" between shapes where coincident boundaries were simplified differently.

Map by David Deis, used with permission. The web version I did animated a similar plot for a 20-year range with mouseover line graphs

A map I built for FRONTLINE's Lost In Detention" on immigration detention facilities was redrawn for a U.C. Berkeley professor's book (shown above), and used separately as a visual aide by a judge during a public lecture, but disappeared from the web when Google turned off it's Flash mapping API.